Getting started

This page contains a short guideline to get started as a new Merchant.

1. Login to your Merchant Menu
The Merchant Menu is reserved for MultiCards Merchants to have access to MultiCards facilities such as your Merchant Account Status, Transactions and Rebillings, Order Page Configuration etc.

Generate your account password
Login to your merchant menu

2. Complete, print, sign and send the account profile
Your Profile information must be complete and accurate. No payment will follow if your record is incomplete. In the merchant menu click on 'Profile' and complete all required fields.

Print, sign and send your profile

3. Your orderpage(s) and/or shopping cart(s)
In your merchant menu click on 'order pages' to list all currenty configured orderpages. By default one order page id is created with a 'coming soon' message in it. You have to add the products to the order page. Our technical department can also add your products at no charge. Send them a support ticket via the merchant menu!

The allowed and accepted orderpage variables
Request our technical department to update your order page
Change the location of your order page

4. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions
Most answers are published in the frequently asked questions section of our site. If you need more or other information you can contact our Support Team by issuing a support ticket through the Merchant Menu. They will be glad to assist you in getting you started!