Variables for order pages and shopping carts

Allowed and required variables to post to our secure server script:
The following variables are required:
name= type= value=
mer_id hidden Your 6 digit merchant number.
num_items hidden This depends on the number of items used in the page. For example: if your last product is item17_desc, item17_price and item17_qty, the num_items value has to be at least 17. If you have a shopping cart you can set the value to 100.
mer_url_idx hidden Refers to the page ID (page properties) in the MultiCards database. Every order page should have it's own idx number. You can create new page ID's in the Merchant Menu.
The following variables are allowed, but not required:
name= value=
These fields allows you to post extra information. The user variables are the only allowed variables to include query input fields, any other variable name is not supported.
sales_tax_factor Tax, value=0.10 for 10% sales tax.
sales_tax_exclude Tax exclude, value=10 to exclude item10, or value=10,11 to exclude item 10 and 11 from taxation.
sales_discount_factor Discount, value=0.10 for 10% discount.
sales_discount_exclude Discount exclude, value=10 to exclude item10, or value=10,11 to exclude item 10 and 11 from discount.
sales_discount_amount Discount amount, value=19.99 to discount 19.99.
rebill_type Rebilling option, value="0" to not rebill automatically.
rebill_type Rebilling option, value=monthly-20.00 to bill monthly for 20.00.
rebill_type Rebilling option, value=quarterly-60.00 to bill quarterly for 60.00.
rebill_type Rebilling option, value=monthly-20.00-6 to start billing monthly after 6 days for 20.00.
rebill_type Rebilling option, value=quarterly-60.00-6 to start billing quarterly after 6 days for 60.00.

Customer Information Fields

It is possible to include the customer information fields in your order page.

The product variables

To include your products in the correct format use these 3 different variables:
name= type= value=
hidden Short description of product.
hidden Price of product in format xxx.yy, ie. 23.80.
text or
Quantity of product in integer format ie. 4.
Here's an example of a product listing on the form in html format:
   <td>Book<INPUT NAME="item1_desc" TYPE="HIDDEN" VALUE="Book"></td>
   <td>$25<INPUT NAME="item1_price" TYPE="HIDDEN" VALUE="25.00"></td>
   <td><INPUT NAME="item1_qty" TYPE="TEXT" SIZE=2></td>
   <td>Parfume<INPUT NAME="item2_desc" TYPE="HIDDEN" VALUE="Parfume"></td>
   <td>$89<INPUT NAME="item2_price" TYPE="HIDDEN" VALUE="89.00"></td>
   <td><INPUT NAME="item2_qty" TYPE="TEXT" SIZE=2></td>
The next product will be item3_desc, item3_price, item3_qty.
The next product item4...   item5... etc...

Demo pages

You can use one of these demo order pages as an example to create your own order page:
Products + Shipping + Extra options (Sales Tax, Multi Languages, Discount)
Membership + Rebilling