Start, stop and change amount of rebilling orders with a script

Purpose: Allows non interactive automated stop of rebillings
Merchant A 6 digit merchant ID
Password Merchant menu login password
Action Must be rebill.stop, rebill.start, rebill.changeamount
OrderNumber A 5 or 7 digit order number
Amount (only the rebill.changeamount) New rebill amount
000 Success  
001 Unknown or invalid MerchantID The given merchantid is not known to multicards
002 Authentication failure Password incorrect
003 Service unavailable This service has not been enabled for this merchant
004 Unsupported action Action parameter incorrect
100 Invalid order number Order number must be 5 or 7 digits
101 No rebilling for given order number No rebilling was found for this order number
300 Rebilling already stopped  
301 Rebilling already started  
302 Invalid amount  
Note: This feature can be enabled per merchant via the merchant configuration screen (administrator only).