New order notifications through a script

Notifications are messages that can be sent to a script, which allows your server to be automatically notified when a new order is placed, or when the status of an order changes. To prevent unnecessary delays in the order system itself due to timeouts, the notifications are not sent in realtime, they are stored in our database and processed later. The delay should under normal circumstances not be more than 5 minutes.


To use this feature, login to the merchant menu and click on 'Order Pages'. Then use the link 'server notifications'. The field 'ExtraFields' can be used to post the allowed and accepted order page variables (for example cust_phone, user1, total_amount, etc...).


Request fields
A notification consists of a HTTP POST, containing the following fields:
Field: Description:
order_num Order number in 6.5 or 6.7 format
status New order status, as follows:
  • accepted
  • creditrequested
  • credited
  • retrieval
  • chargeback
  • declined
  • suspended (a customer email copy bounced, and he/she has several days to correct this. If that doesn't happen the order is voided/credited, if it is corrected the order is accepted)
  • unknown (the order was batch processed (this might occur if the realtime system is unable to process the order), meaning that the status will be known after processing the batch (usually the next day). So once again, the status will be sent using a second notification containing declined/accepted)
  • voided
  • error
reason Reason for status change (text, not strictly specified, for informative purposes only). Examples are:
New order created (with status of order, see B and C why this is necessary)
Order accepted (when an order was batch processed and accepted later)
Order rejected
Order voided
Order credited
Rebilling accepted
Rebilling failed
origin Origin of order/change. Possible values are order, rebill or manual
trans_type Transaction type. Possible values are debit, credit or other
pageid PageID that generated the order/rebilling. This value corresponds to the ID of your order pages. By including this value, you can optionally use the same notification handler script on your server for all your order pages.
notifyid Our internal unique id for this notification.
created Date + time in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format when notification was created
** Variables used during the order process. For example: cust_email,cust_phone,total_amount_us,item1_qty. For a complete list of all variables used in an order page, click here. Because the transaction is completed you can also use total_amount and total_amount_us and order_num as postfields. MultiCards can configure the variables for you.
Response code
Your script should respond with a 200 OK HTTP Status code, letting our handler know that your script received the notification. Please do not post back a large amount of content.