Automatically deliver e-products to your customers

Selling your electronic goods is easy with the MultiCards e-Products Module. After a successful transaction customers can click on a button to immediately download the e-products, or they can use the link in the e-mail order confirmation to download later.
The e-products are hosted on your own server in a protected area. After the successful transaction the order details and a unique pincode will be added which allows the customer to access the content. Access will automatically be removed after a successful download to prevent customers from sharing download links.
It is possible to purchase multiple e-products in one singe transaction. The e-Products Module is open source and can be personalized to meet any special requirements.
The e-products module can be implemented for any order page or shopping cart already connected to the MultiCards payment gateway.
For security reasons we do not include any technical information in this support page. Contact our Technical Department for more information.