Pincode and username/password protection

A pin code system is an access security tool that allows the verification of a pin code issued on one server and compared with the same set of pincodes on another server. Pincodes are only issued if a payment has been verified in real-time and once a pincode has been issued and verified, the issued pin number is removed from both servers. The result is that access to a server is only possible if and when equal pin numbers are present on both servers.
To enable the pincodes for your order page, go to the Merchant Menu and click on the 'Maintenance Pincodes' link in the Order Pages section. All your order pages are listed in a menu. Click on the page ID you want to enable pincodes for. From the dropdown select a pincode type. You can add your own pincodes or ask MultiCards to generate a list for you. Or you can use the automatic pincode generation method.
You can have one pin file for multiple pages or pin files for one order page.
The variable name for pincode is %[pincode]%. See Post transaction information back to your server for more information.
A more versatile password system is our MC-Access© PWLink, a real-time online access verification system linked to a rebilling and password management sytem and is used to manage subscription based membership sites.
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