OS Commerce 2.2 Milestone 2

For more information please visit: http://www.oscommerce.com

OS Commerce configuration for MultiCards Online Billing

Step 1, Download the latest MultiCards Payment Module:
Download OS Commerce 2.2 MS2 MultiCards drivers (released 2007-12-19)

For other OS Commerce versions, please download our survey!
Step 2, Unzip and install the scripts
Installation instructions are included in the zip file.
Step 3, Configure MultiCards Payment Module
After installation of the scripts please login to the OS Commerce (OSC) admin console. Continue to the 'Payment Modules' section and enable the MultiCards Payment Module.
MultiCards Payment Module Fields:
MultiCards MerchantID: Your 6 digit merchant number
MultiCards PageID: Order page ID number set in the merchant menu
Notification Password: Password set in the script notification (see step 4)
Set Waiting Order Status: The order has been sent to MultiCards, status is not known yet.
Set Declined Order Status: The order has been declined.
Set Accepted Order Status: The order has been accepted.
Set Suspended Order Status: A customer email copy bounced, and you have several days to correct this in the Merchant Menu. If that doesn't happen the order is voided/credited, if it is corrected the order is accepted.
Set Voided Order Status: The order has been canceled within 24 hours
Set Credit Requested Order Status: MultiCards received a request to refund the order
Set Credited Order Status: The order has been refunded back to the customer
Set Unknown Order Status: The order has a status not supported by MultiCards. Contact MultiCards support.

It is possible to create your own statuses in OS Commerce. Please visit the following URL for more information: http://www.oscommerce.info/docs/english/e_order_status.html
Step 4, Configure MultiCards Merchant Menu
Login to the MultiCards Merchant Menu and go to or create the order page id you want to use for this shop. In the page id properties set the following properties:
OrderPageURL: Location of checkout_confirmation.php
PostURL: Location of checkout_process.php
Postfields: osCsid,user1,user2,user3
Silent Post: no
Next click on 'Server Notifications' in the 'Order Pages' section of the Merchant Menu. Create the following server notification record:
Page ID: the order page id number you use for this shop
NotifyURL: location of callback.php
Password: use the same password as you used in step 3
ExtraFields: user1,user2,user3
Active: yes

Step 5, Contact MultiCards
Contact MultiCards Support to run various tests to make sure the shop is configured correctly.