Add a new Order Page or Shopping Cart

To visit the Order Pages section, click on the following button at the top menu in the Merchant Menu and use the 'Create new Page ID' button to create a new Page ID:

order pages

What is a page ID?

All Order Pages and Shopping Carts need to connect to a page ID in the Merchant Menu. An order page is indentified by a hidden variable in the page:
<input type="hidden" name="mer_url_idx" value="x">.
The value of this variable is the page ID number in the partner login. The page ID contains properties like the currency, link-backURL, order confirmation e-mail address, language, etc.

When do I need a new page ID?

Only when all your order pages ID's are in use you need to create a new page ID. But when one of your page ID's contains an orderpageURL not used anymore you can go to the properties to change the orderpageURL.

How much does a new page ID cost?

The page ID will be created instantly and your account will be charged. We do not issue any refunds for this kind of charge!