Move an Order Page to your own server

Follow the four easy steps below to move your page to your own server. Security is no problem. The credit card details and customer details will always be asked on our secure server. Your order page only contains the products.

Step 1: Copy the page to your local server

Open your order page in your web browser and do a view source. This opens a text editor with the HTML code of your page. Save this page on your local machine. Use any FTP tool to copy the page to your own server.
A secure server (https://) is not required since the customer enters the credit card details on the secure MultiCards server.

Step 2: Update the links to images

Some images may still be hosted on our secure server. Make sure that all images are hosted (and linked to) on your local server.

Step 3: Change the orderpageURL in the page properties

Login to the Merchant Menu and click on order pages in the top menu. There you will see an overview of all your order pages. Click on the property icon for the correct Page ID and change the OrderPageURL to the new location on your server.
The Page ID used is determined by the mer_url_idx variable in the order page.

Step 4: Run a test order

Login to the Merchant Menu and click on order pages in the top menu and then on 'Test Order Page' to make sure that the page still works and accepts transactions.