Modify an order page

To visit the Order Pages section, click on the following button at the top menu in the Merchant Menu and use the 'Edit order pages' button to modify your order page(s):

order pages
Order pages hosted on the MultiCards or WorldEmail server can be edited through the Merchant Menu. Our Design Department receives your update request and verifies the changes you made. Instead of changing the HTML code you can also enter instructions and we will make the changes for you.
An e-mail notification will be send as soon as the page has been published.

Status of the order page:

No update request found, you can edit the page.
Update request found, not sent to MultiCards yet.
Update request found, under review by the MultiCards Design Department
Click on the icon in the table column 'Action' to create an update request.

Order pages and shopping carts located on your own server

Feel free to contact our Technical Department for advice. You can reach them through the Support link in the Merchant Menu, or by phone (extension 83).

Variables for your order pages

Variables for your order pages