Fraud Screening by MultiCards

All incoming orders are automatically screened for fraud. Our credit card verification is based on the credit card number, expiration date, in most cases card holder's address verification, logging the IP address, checking a valid credit on the card holder's account and comparing against our negative card database. Transactions are automatically not accepted and will be declined when:
  • Cvv code or expiration date is not correct.
  • Customer's credit card company or credit card does not accept online transactions.
  • Customer's credit card company suspects fraudulent use of the card.
  • Customer has activated Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode but the wrong password has been entered.
  • Credit card number, email address and/or ip address are blocked by the merchant or MultiCards as details have been used before for fraudulent attempts to order. We have a negative credit card database for fraud detection since 1995.
Orders are also manually screened by our Risk Department. When a credit card number, name, email address or ip address has been used more than once these transactions will be flagged and looked into. Merchants will be contacted by our staff when we think an order is fraudulent.
You can always contact MultiCards when you have questions about a particular order, click on the " Create new Merchant & MultiCards support ticket" button next to the transaction in your Merchant Menu Transaction Overview.