Bounced Email/Order System

bounced orders
Please login to the Merchant Menu and click on the button Bounced Orders at the top menu. Here you can view all orders that are bouncing. An order will bounce as soon as we are unable to deliver the order confirmation email to the customer. This can happen when a customer's mailbox is too full, when there are server problems with the receiving email server or when the customer entered an incorrect email address that does not exist. The system prevents cardholders from not recognizing the transaction on their statement and it prevents carders and fraudsters from using false, incorrect or non-excisting email addresses.
You can enter the correct details for bounced orders, untill 8 days after the initial order date the order can be approved by entering a new or correct customer email address. If the details are not updated and/or the email keeps on bouncing, there will automatically be issued a refund request.