I received a referrer error notification. What to do now?

To protect your order pages from abuse and fraud MultiCards has added a referrer check to all your pages. The location of the order page or Shopping Cart checkout page is set in the orderpageURL property.
When we receive an order from a different location than is set in the page ID properties we will block the page. The customer will see this error message:

  • Due to a technical problem with this order page your order cannot be completed at this time. An automatic notification has been sent to MultiCards to inform them of the problem. We kindly ask you to try again later and apologize for the inconvenience.

In the referrer error e-mail notification we provide the page ID and the referrer we received for that page ID.
There are 3 situations:
  1. You do not know the referrer URL
    This probably means that a customer copied your order page to a different location. You can ignore the referrer error.
  2. The referrer URL looks familiar
    Does it contain your domain? Is it a page you recently created? If that is the case you need to add this new page through the Merchant Menu.

    Click here for more information how to add a new page / Shopping Cart.
    Click here for more information how to change the orderpageURL (referrer) of an existing page ID.

    But when you did not make any changes recently and the referer URL looks familiar you can ask our Technical Department to take a look at it.
  3. The referrer URL is lised under a different page ID
    In the page HTML code you find a hidden variable:

    <input name=mer_url_idx type=hidden value=?>

    This variable points at the corresponding Page ID. You need to update the value.