Let MultiCards design your complete web shop!

Research: Web Design Improves E-Commerce Results

Web site design and usability heavily influence consumer purchase decisions.
A Customer Experience Survey of Internet users found that:
  65% do not shop on a poorly designed site -- even that of a favorite brand;
  Nearly 30% cease offline purchases from a favorite brand if their online experience is poor;
  And for many, a high-quality product isn't enough to warrant struggling with a confusing site: 30% of consumers reported that Web site design is more important than a great product;
  Only 4% will shop on a poorly designed Web site -- and that's when the price is rock-bottom.
(source: http://www.ebusinessiq.com)

For Professional E-Commerce, let MultiCards take care of your Online Payments and Your Webdesign!

Get a headstart, save time, let us do the work. Have your existing web shop restyled or have a complete new web shop developed meeting your personal requirements.
MultiCards Merchants can issue a support ticket for a price quote for their webshop. (Please note: The standard orderpage with your MultiCards Merchant account can be designed for you for free) Include the URL to your site and a short list of your requirements, our Web Design Department will contact you as soon as possible.

Shop Demo

As an example to what your shop could look like and how it will work we have two Shop Demo's:
Please note that these shops are used for demo purposes only.