Send a (partial) refund/credit to a customer

Merchants can cancel an order simply by using the 'Cancel Orders' button in the main menu of the Merchant Menu or by opening an order in the Merchant Menu and clicking on the button 'Refund transaction'.
The refund request will be received by the Transactions Department and handled as soon as possible. Depending on the bank, it can take between 3 and 15 days before the refund reaches the customers bank.
Please always inform your customer of the refund to prevent possible ChargeBacks. Example:

A refund request has been issued for your transaction with us.
The refund will process in the upcoming days. Please note it
can take a few days or weeks before it shows on your statement.
The refund will appear on your next monthly statement. Please
contact us if you have any questions regarding your refund.
When submitting a transaction type of credit, the following rules apply:
  • You may only credit a transaction that has been authorized by the system.
  • A credit can only be processed to the credit card number used for the original order.
  • You must enter the original transaction order number of the transaction that you wish to submit the credit against.
  • The original transaction that you wish to credit must have a status of Settled Successfully / Accepted. You may not issue credits against unsettled, voided, declined or errored transactions.
  • The credit transaction must be issued within 90 days of the date the original transaction was settled.
  • A credit transaction cannot exceed the amount of the original debit transaction.