If you use a third party shopping cart system

A shopping cart system normally is used for order systems with more than 25 products.

  1.  3DCart
  2.  CartIt Commerce System 8.0
  3.  CartKeeper Gold 1.5.4
  4.  Designs Online
  5.  Jshop Professional v3
  6.  King-Cart
  7.  OS Commerce
  8.  Shop Factory
  9.  ShopMaker
  10.  VirtualShop
  11.  X-Cart
  12.  InstanteStore

Is your favorite shop not listed? Contact us!

IMPORTANT: Please always first contact the shop vendor to verify that the latest version still is compatible with MultiCards. Shop vendors frequently change their software and it is beyond our control if the shop is not 100% compatible.

HTML form variables for order pages and shopping carts

Your order page can be hosted on our secure server or on your own web site. The exact location of the checkout page of your order system must be configured in the order pages section of the merchant control panel. Contact the technical department via a support ticket to charge the location of the order page.

The allowed and required variables should be posted to our secure server script at:

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=“https://secure.multicards.com/cgi-bin/order2/processorder1.pl”>

Required variables:

name= type= value=
mer_id hidden Your 6 digit merchant number.
num_items hidden This depends on the number of items used in the page. For example: if your last product is item17_desc, item17_price and item17_qty, the num_items value has to be at least 17. If you have a shopping cart you can set the value to 100.
mer_url_idx hidden Refers to the page ID (page properties) in the MultiCards database. Every order page should have it's own idx number. You can create new page ID's in the Merchant Menu.

Allowed variables, but not required:

name= value=
These fields allows you to post extra information. The user variables are the only allowed variables to include query input fields, any other variable name is not supported.
sales_tax_factor Tax, value=0.10 for 10% sales tax.
sales_tax_exclude Tax exclude, value=10 to exclude item10, or value=10,11 to exclude item 10 and 11 from taxation.
sales_discount_factor Discount, value=0.10 for 10% discount.
sales_discount_exclude Discount exclude, value=10 to exclude item10, or value=10,11 to exclude item 10 and 11 from discount.
sales_discount_amount Discount amount, value=19.99 to discount 19.99.

The product item variables

To include your products in the correct format use these 3 different variables:

name= type= value=
hidden Short description of product.
hidden Price of product in format xxx.yy, ie. 23.80.
text or
Quantity of product in integer format ie. 4.


To automatically rebill the customer monthly and quarterly use the rebilling variables.

Post customer contact information and skip the first two MultiCards processing screens

By default an order page only submits the product information to our Payment Gateway. The first MultiCards screen allows your customers to enter their country and card type. The second screen contains the contact information fields.

It is possible to populate the fields by posting the variables from your own order page together with the products. To skip both screens completely post all the required fields. The first screen your customers will see then is the credit card details page. (It is not possible to post the credit card details to our gateway through your own server.)

Download the html code.

Please feel free to contact our technical helpdesk via a support ticket for assistance with creating your order system!