Perfil de Cuenta

In the ‘account’-section of the Merchant Menu, Merchants need to store the company details, bank details and other related information. The Profile information must be complete and accurate. No payment will follow if the record is incomplete. Changing this information to anything other then the personal or professional contact information is considered fraud and may result in the termination of the account and forfeid of any monies due. For proper payment it is needed that your bank details and/or check delivery address and beneficiairy details are correct. The beneficiairy name must match with the name as on the MultiCards account, unless proper documentation is submitted.

After completion send the profile by regular mail to our Dutch Sales Office!:

MultiCards Internet Billing
Le Havre 77
5627 SV Eindhoven,
The Netherlands

Merchant Checklist to complete your registration

  • After completion of the Account Profile in the Merchant Menu please use the view/print profile button to print the files.
  • Place a signature on ALL documents that you submit.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (for both the originating – and EU registered entity and authenticated by a qualified lawyer, notary or a governmental body)
  • Copy of passport of company´s owners/director(s) (must be authenticated by a qualified lawyer, notary or a governmental body)
  • Copy of utility bill from Director/Owner for proof of residence → Not more than six months old
  • Mail the above documents by Courier (Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT) to our office in the Netherlands (Europe). Do not send this by e-mail or FAX!