What are the MultiCards Payment Terms?

MultiCards keeps records of charges on weekly online Statements.

For all payments:

Payments will be initiated 21 days after CLOSURE of the statement week wherein the account balance has reached USD 500 or more.
It is possible to receive a wire on a regular weekly basis, if:
  • You have regular weekly sales above USD 500;
  • You have sent in a signed copy of your MultiCards profile and your profile is fully complete;
  • Your chargeback ratio is below 1% or your credit ratio is below 5%;
  • Your business type doesn't require special security measures (such as Travel, Gaming and other high risk merchants).
MultiCards reserves the right to put merchants on a payment schedule if sales are irregular or do not exceed USD 500 per week.
MultiCards also reserves the right to put payments on hold if the sales volume on an account stops without prior notice given to MultiCards by the merchant.