Why did I not receive a payment?

Before you read the information on this page, make sure you understand our Payment Terms.
There are several reasons why a payment is delayed. Please verify the following issues before you contact our Payments Department:
  • You have not send in a signed copy of your MultiCards profile or your profile is not fully complete;
  • You are located in the EEC and your bank number is not in the IBAN format;
  • Your chargeback ratio is above 1% or your credit ratio is above 5%;
  • There are too many fluctuations in your sales to have regular payments;
  • There is a bank routing delay between your and our bank;
  • The BeneficiaryName in the profile is different from the LegalName and you did not send a written and signed statement from the CEO of the company;
  • Your business type requires special security measures (such as Travel, Gaming and other high risk merchants).
Please issue a support ticket through the Merchant Menu to contact our Payments Department regarding the status of your payment. We do not provide any payment details over the phone!