How does the Merchant Menu work?

Every Merchant can login to the Merchant Menu with his Merchant Account number and password. The Merchant Menu is reserved for MultiCards Merchants to have access to MultiCards facilities such as: Merchant Account Status, Transaction and Rebilling Modules, Order Page Configuration and so on.


(Edit) Profile

The profile contains all the Merchant information MultiCards needs to know. Generic details like company name and address, owner details, bank or check details, and more.


(Edit) Orderpages

All order pages and/or shopping carts need to be configured in this section of the Merchant Menu. Properties like currency, linkbackURL, order e-mail address, etc can be set for each page ID.

Maintenance Pincodes

A pin code system is an access security tool that allows the verification of a pin code issued on one server and compared with the same set of pincodes on another server. Pincodes are only issued if a payment has been verified in real-time and once a pincode has been issued and verified, the issued pin number is removed from both servers. The result is that access to a server is only possible if and when equal pin numbers are present on both servers.
The pincode system can also be used to issue various types of usernames and passwords. You can have one password/pin file for multiple pages or password/pin files for one order page.

Password Maintenance

Activate the PWLink feature for an order page, and maintain it's passwords.


List Transactions

This section of the Merchant Menu allows you to list all your transactions and view the order details.



View and update all rebilling orders for your account. Customers can also access their own rebilling console.

bounced orders

Bounced orders

Enter the correct details for bounced orders, untill 8 days after the initial order date the order can be approved by entering a new or correct customer email address.


Export Transactions

Transactions can be exported in 'tab separated value' format which can be read by Excel and Quatro Pro.



View all weekly statements.

cancel orders

Credit/Void orders

Enter an order number into the form and press Proceed to enter a credit request. The credit request will be forwarded to MultiCards and processed as soon as possible.


Blocking Options

Here you can block Email addresses, IP adresses and/or Countries from ordering from you.


Support Tickets

View your existing Support Tickets or create a new Support Ticket in the Support Area to contact MultiCards.