What is the Web Site Compliance list?

Your website is reviewed against the checklist below. Please ensure that you comply with each point fully in order to avoid lengthy delays to your application.

Mandatory Criteria:

  • the merchant (You) must be unequivocally identifiable by the cardholder at any time
  • the merchants full postal address must be displayed
Customer contact address
  • the merchant must specify a contact address for customers
  • this may be a phone number or an email address
  • under this address the cardholder must be able to obtain information on in relation to their purchases
  • the address must be easily accessible and available for at least 90 days after each transaction
Description of goods/services
  • the merchant must display an accurate description and pricing (including currency) for all goods and services which are available to consumers
Billing Descriptor
  • you must display your billing descriptor (the description of your company that appears on the cardholders statement) that we agree with you and assign to your merchant account, for example "Purchases will appear on your card statement as ABC COMPANY - LONDON."
Your Privacy Policy
You must display a privacy policy which includes the following statements
  • credit card details will be handled securely to ensure confidentiality
  • SSL encryption is employed to ensure sensitive data is protected
Your Terms & Conditions
You must display terms and conditions which include your policy on
  • refunds, returns and cancellations
  • respond time for customer queries via email or telephone (you must state that you will respond within a maximum of 48 hours)
Debiting time of the cardholder
  • do not debit the cardholder until the goods have been delivered or the service has been rendered completely
Promise of immediate execution of orders
  • the merchant should send an email to the customer no later than one day after receipt, confirming the order
  • if the goods are not immediately available, the customer should immediately be informed of the delivery times
Integration of the VISA/MasterCard logos
  • the logos of the credit card companies should be integrated in an appropriate form
  • the appearance should not be displayed such that they are at disadvantage to other means of payment
Shipping policy/delivery facilities
  • details on the merchants shipping policy or other conditions must be clearly specified on the website (including known exportation restrictions)