(Demo Order Page: Membership + Rebilling)

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Example of how to include Membership options on the form:

Item Code: Description: Price: Select:
1 Membership A US$ 40.00
2 Membership B US$ 60.00
3 Membership C US$ 80.00
Check box to Accept Membership Terms

Example of Rebilling option:

ATTENTION Your credit card will be rebilled automatically at the end of the selected period. This is to guarantee you continuity of service. Please input a password below and complete the card details.

Do not rebill my card automatically
US$ 40.00
US$ 60.00
US$ 80.00
Yes, please bill my card monthly
US$ 120.00
US$ 180.00
US$ 240.00
Yes, please bill my card quarterly
Password to change details (4-10 characters)
Customer may stop, change frequency, change expiry date etc. using password and order number. Login

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