Working with transactions

Charge per transaction

Per transaction, MultiCards charges a commission fee and Real Time Acceptance (RTA) fee. Furthermore, there is a 10-15% rollover reserve, depending on the type of business and calculated from the transaction amount, which is released after 6 months. There are no floating rates, hidden monthly minimum fees and no minimum monthly volume requirements. Please see our Fee Schedule and contact our Sales Department for a Site Review before signing up for a MultiCards Merchant Account.


Merchants may cancel an order simply by using the 'Cancel Orders' button in the main menu of the Merchant Menu or by opening an order by clicking on the button 'Refund transaction'.
The refund request will be reviewed and issued as soon as possible. Depending on the bank, it may take between 3 and 15 days before the refund shows on the customer's card statement.
Please always inform your customer of the refund to prevent possible ChargeBacks.

"A refund request has been issued for your transaction with us.
The refund will process in the upcoming days. Please note it can take a few days or weeks before it shows on your customer's bank statement.
The refund will appear on your next monthly statement. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your refund."

When submitting a credit/refund type of transaction, the following rules apply:

  • It is only possible to credit a transaction that has been authorized by the system before.
  • A credit can only be processed for  the credit card number used for the original order.
  • You must enter the original transaction order number of the transaction that you wish to issue a credit for.
  • The original transaction that you wish to issue credit for must have a status of Settled Successfully / Accepted. It is not possible to issue credits against unsettled, voided, declined or errored transactions.
  • The credit transaction must be issued within 90 days of the date the original transaction was settled.
  • A credit transaction cannot exceed the amount of the original debit transaction.

Chargebacks and Retrievals

Accepting credit cards as payment in your business transactions is a very promising concept. You can increase your revenue, your customer base and improve productivity. By simply getting yourself a merchant account to be able to accept cards for payments, you are adding convenience, cost-effectiveness and a professional image right into your business. If you have already taken this big leap, you probably have experienced how confusing credit card processing can be. There are quite a number of things that you might need to know and remember. Although the entire process can, with time, get to be fairly easy to get around in, there is one important aspect about merchant accounts that you need to know very well - chargebacks.

Everything you should know

Online Statements

For real-time orders you will receive an instant order confirmation by email (for approved orders only). All orders are also confirmed in a daily email and may be viewed in an online overview,  updated in real-time as new orders are accepted. At the end of the week a statement is issued with the totals until Sunday 17.00 CET of your account. All your Account information is also available in real-time online stats through the Merchant Menu.

Accept Mail order / telephone orders (MOTO)

The MOTO feature can only be used by merchants after six months of processing history has been established and the account is in good standing.

Merchants using the virtual terminal need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
Therefore, it is required to complete the following documents in order to be approved. Please use the links below to download the appropriate forms:

Once we have received these documents fully signed by the merchant and they have been approved by our Risk Department, the virtual terminal feature for your account will be activated.

Recharge a transaction

To recharge a customers' credit card incidentally the cardholder cvv code is required. Due to PCI DSS regulations MultiCards is not allowed to store this code. In this case the customer can be invited to login to the transaction to provide the CVV code. You can do this by using the 're-charge' button in the transaction details in your merchant menu. 

Automatic Recharges (Rebillings)

If you need to recharge a customer regularly, automatic rebilling can be activated, where a cvv code is only needed with the first approved transaction and is further kept secret by the acquirer/bank.Automatic weekly/monthly/quarterly/bi-yearly/yearly rebillings are possible. More information is available in the Technical Integration Guide

Fraud prevention and screening

All incoming orders are automatically screened for fraud. Our credit card verification is based on the credit card number, expiration date, in most cases card holder's address verification, logging the IP address, checking a valid credit on the card holder's account and comparing against our negative card database. Transactions are automatically not accepted and will be declined when:

  • Cvv code or expiration date is not correct.
  • Customer's credit card company or credit card does not accept online transactions.
  • Customer's credit card company suspects fraudulent use of the card.
  • Customer has activated Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode but the wrong password has been entered.
  • Credit card number, email address and/or ip address are blocked by the merchant or MultiCards as details have been used before for fraudulent attempts to order. We have a negative credit card database for fraud detection since 1995.

Orders are also manually screened by our Risk Department. If a credit card number, name, email address or ip address has been used more than once these transactions will be flagged and looked into. Merchants will be contacted by our staff when we think an order is fraudulent.

You can always contact MultiCards when you have questions about a particular order, click on the " Create new Merchant & MultiCards support ticket" button next to the transaction in your Merchant Menu Transaction Overview.

See our fraud screening tips

Fraud score

All accepted transactions are rated with a Fraud Score. MultiCards Credit Card Fraud Detection service calculates a Risk Factor based on known risk factors and their likelihood to indicate possible fraud.

Fraud Score

The score calculated to estimate the riskiness of accepting a credit card ranges from 0 (low risk) to 10 (high risk). The Fraud Score in implemented in the Merchant Menu where Merchants can view their customers transactions.

This Credit Card Fraud Detection Service automatically flags potentially fraudulent transactions so the Merchant can verify if the order is legitimate. This will dramatically reduce fraudulent orders, and thus the chargebacks.

NEW: the fraud score also can be determined *before* the actual credit card transaction. Contact our support desk to enable that function. Normally, transactions with a fraud score of 10 are automatically declined by our system to prevent refunds and chargebacks.

Bounced orders

An order will bounce as soon as we are unable to deliver the order confirmation email to the customer. This can happen when a customer's mailbox is too full, when there are server problems with the receiving email server or when the customer entered an incorrect email address that does not exist. The system prevents cardholders from not recognizing the transaction on their statement and it prevents carders and fraudsters from using false, incorrect or non-existing email addresses.
Please login to the Merchant Menu and click on the button Bounced Orders at the top menu. Here you can view all orders that are bouncing. You can enter the correct details for bounced orders, untill 8 days after the initial order date the order can be approved by entering a new or correct customer email address. If the details are not updated and/or the email keeps on bouncing, there will automatically be issued a refund request.