What do customers see when they place an order?

By default customers go through five screens to place an order. It's possible to skip step 2 and 3, but the credit card details always need to be provided on our secure server.

Step 1: The order page

The order page can be part of your web site or can be hosted on our secure server, and contains the code for the products and optional features like rebilling, sales tax and discounts. By default no credit card or contact information will be asked at this point.


Step 2: Paytype and country selection on a secure server

This is the first secure MultiCards screen. It contains all the paytypes available for this account and a dropdown menu to select the customer's country.


Step 3: Enter the contact details on a secure server

Your customers need to enter the contact information in the allowed and required contact info fields. To make some fields required simply include the fields in your order page and protect them with JavaScript.


Step 4: Enter the credit card details on a secure server

Due to security reasons we only allow you to use one of our templates for the credit card details. It is not possible to skip this screen or host it on your own server.


Step 5: Online order confirmation

For accepted transactions this page shows the order number, total order amount and other order related information. Depending on the configuration settings the customer needs to click a button to go back to your server, or needs to create a username and password for your protected area, or will automatically be posted back to your server.

When the transaction has been declined the screen displays an error code. No post will be done at that point.