Prohibited products and services

MultiCards prohibits the registration or sale of the following goods and services:

Adoption service

Adult content

Age-verification services


Alcoholic Beverages

Animals by mail order

Benefit/incentive programs

Cable Converter Boxes

Cable TV Descramblers or Filters Enabling Free PPV

Check cashing services

Coin dealers

Collection agencies

Credit card protection services

Credit Repair services

Currency/commodity exchanges

Debt consolidation/credit counseling/restoration


Financial aid

Firearms other than retail sporting goods store

Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies

Freight forwarding

Future fulfillment beyond three months

Hazardous Materials, Combustibles, Corrosives

Illegal products

Investment opportunities

IRC Chat Hosting

IT Certification Exams
Matrix, Single Level, Multi Level, MLMs or Similar Products

Money Making Schemes

Mortgage payment/reduction services

Multi-level or pyramid marketing

OEM Software

Outbound marketing

Phone Chat Lines

Pre-Adult Content - Pictures, Videos, etc. of Individuals Under the Age of 18 Years

Precious metals

Prescription Drugs or other Controlled Substances

Replica and Name Brand 'Knock Off' Products

Satellite Signal Decoding Products, cards and Card Programming

Services using Credit Card Transactions as Deposits or Credits

Services or Products to gain access to paid features or services not paid for

Shell Hosting Accounts

Sites promoting Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution

Stamp collections

Tobacco Products

Unsolicited Email Services


Warranty programs/warranty sales