Your Merchant account

Getting started with your account

This page contains a short guideline to get you started right now.

Login to the Merchant Menu

The Merchant Menu is reserved for MultiCards Merchants to have access to MultiCards facilities such as your Merchant Account Status, Transactions and Rebillings, Order Page Configuration etc. An extensive Merchant Integration Guide link can be found on your Merchant desktop in the Merchant area.

Generate your account password
Login to your merchant menu

Complete, print, sign and send the account profile

Your Profile information must be complete and accurate. In the merchant menu click on 'Profile' and complete all required fields.

In the ‘Account’-section of the Merchant Menu, Merchants need to store the company details, bank details and other related information. Your account details should be complete and accurate. For proper payment it is needed that your bank details and beneficiairy details are correct. The beneficiairy name on your bank account must match with the legal name as on the MultiCards account.

Until your reqistration is complete your account will not be ready  for payments to you, but you can start with live transactions to accept orders and payments from your customers. Follow the steps below to get your account ready for processing orders and getting paid: 

After completion of the Account Profile in the Merchant Menu please use the 'View/Print profile' button to print the files.

  • Place a signature on ALL documents that you submit.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (for both the originating – and EU registered entity and authenticated by a qualified lawyer, notary or a governmental body)
  • Copy of passport of company´s owners/director(s) (must be authenticated by a qualified lawyer, notary or a governmental body)
  • Copy of utility bill from Director/Owner for proof of residence → Not more than six months old
  • Mail the above documents by Courier (Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT) to our office in the Netherlands.  Do not send this by e-mail or fax!

Send the documentation to MultiCards

After completion, please send the profile by regular mail/courier to our office address in The Netherlands:

MultiCards Internet Billing
Le Havre 77
5627 SV Eindhoven,
The Netherlands

Setup your orderpage

In your merchant menu click on 'order pages' to list all currenty configured orderpages. By default one order page id is created with a 'coming soon' message in it. You have to add the products to the order page. Our technical department can also add your products at no charge. Send them a support ticket via the merchant menu!

See also: Orderpages & Shopping carts

Create extra users

For merchants working with multiple users, extra user accounts can be created with customized permissions. A user account always starts with the merchant account number, followed by maximum x letters and/or digits. For example:


Each individual screen in the Merchant menu can be configured as a user permission. You can create the extra users in the "users" section of the merchant menu.

Blocked account

Do you have a problem to login to your account? Contact us via support ticket or telephone.

Close your account

To close your account please start a support ticket for the Accounts department.