Boost Your Online Sales: Accept Online Payments

Those words have never been as true as they are today. To prospective buyers, it means convenience, and they appreciate you for making it so easy to buy from you. Now it's easy, MultiCards can help you with your  credit card and debit card processing and local bank payments from your customers.

MultiCards was developed specifically for the global online retailer. We offer credit card and debit card processing for you to accept most credit cards that are available today such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and other local payment solutions such as iDeal and DIRECTebanking, i.e.SOFORT bank collection from all over Europe.

Visa Visa MasterCard American Express Meastro

Euro Card Diners Club iDeal (for the Netherlands/Europe)  

Overview of MultiCards facilities


Membership Options and Rebillings


Getting started:

It's easy to get started with MultiCards. You don't even need your own merchant account. We do accept almost any Internet retail business model within 48-72 hours.

There are no floating rates, hidden monthly minimum fees and no minimum monthly sales volume requirements.
Please see our Fee Schedule and contact our Sales Department for a Site Review before signing up for a MultiCards Merchant Account

Accepting Payments:

When your business is approved and you open an account with MultiCards, you link up to our payment processing gateway to process the payments from your customers in USD, EURO, GBP or other currency. MultiCards uses 100% electronic real-time processing and can accept almost any retail Internet based business.

You will be able to accept customers credit card and debit card purchases and transactions by directing their orders directly to the MultiCards payment gateway and after verification an instant sales copy is emailed to your sales department at time of receiving the order.

MultiCards handles all payment related issues and technical support for MultiCards Merchants and their customers.

Getting paid:

MultiCards collects all debit transactions and settles the merchant periodically for the transactions. For more information, please see our Payment Terms.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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