12:24 - September 10th, 2015

iDEAL exceeds 100 million payments in first half 2015

One of the most popular alternative payment methods, iDEAL in The Netherlands, again shows strong growth for the first half of 2015. For the first time since its launch back in 2005, the number of iDEAL payments exceeded 100 million transactions in 6 months time. Compared to the same period last year, the iDEAL volume increased with over 23%.

Simplified online bank transfer

iDEAL - basically an enhanced online bank...

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16:20 - September 2nd, 2015

Cross-border online shopping makes waves across Europe

Europe`s share of global cross-border online retail sales is predicted to amount to one quarter by 2025, a recent research study reveals.

The share of online shoppers making purchases directly from foreign online retailers differs from country to country within Europe. Among the largest markets, Italy, Spain, Russia and the UK led in penetration of online shoppers making cross-border purchases at least once a year, as of...

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15:02 - August 31st, 2015

67% Of Spanish Internet Users Shop Online.

In Spain, almost seven out of ten internet users, which corresponds to 19.2 million Spaniards, shop online, according to recent research data.

The average of online consumer orders is three times per month, while spending an average of EUR 70 per order. In 2013, it was just 44% of the internet users in Spain who shopped online. In 2015, it’s 67%, or a percentage point increase of 23%, a new study from the Interactive Advertising...

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13:28 - August 3rd, 2015

Over 225,000 Malware Strains Per Day Registered In Q1 2015

Over 225,000 new malware strains per day were detected in Q1 2015, with peaks reaching 500 000, a recent research unveils.

According to a report conducted by PandaLabs, this represents a 40% increase over Q1 2014 and is well above the average for the entire year – at 205 000 new malware samples per day.

The first months of 2015 were dominated by ransomware attacks, especially "CryptoLocker" and it is safe ...

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