Over 50 percent of European retail sales will be claimed by ecommerce by end of 2020

Nearly 53% of European retail sales will be claimed by ecommerce by the end of 2020, a recent research study reveals.

The value of cross-channel retail sales in Europe will reach EUR 704 billion (GBP 498 billion) by 2020, up from EUR 457 billion (GBP 323 billion) in 2015, according to the 'European Cross-Channel Retail Sales Forecast, 2015 To 2020' report issued by the research comapany Forrester Research, internetretailing.net reports.

When these cross-channel sales are combined with online sales they will reach EUR 947 billion (GBP 670 billion) – or 53% of European retail sales. The shift will be more felt in Northern than Southern European countries, while the UK will have the largest proportion of web-impacted sales by 2020.

The study is based on a recent study of more than 13,000 shoppers in seven European countries, and finds that online traffic from mobile devices is fast moving towards the 50% tipping point for retailers in Europe. In-store web-connected kiosks and tablet-enabled store assistants are also encouraging web-influenced research in-store before a purchase.

21% of European online adults regularly research products online, even though 26% do not regularly buy online and, by 2020, five key categories will have more than half of total sales coming from cross-channel sales: garden and home improvement, beauty and cosmetics, jewelry and watches, footwear, and clothing.

Last modified: 13:28 - August 3rd, 2015