European ecommerce hits EUR 455 bln in 2015 - report

The European B2C ecommerce turnover grew to EUR 455.3 billion, at a rate of 13.3% in 2015, a recent report reveals.

The European B2C ecommerce turnover in 2016 is expected to reach the EUR 510 billion, according to European BC2 E-commerce Report issued by Ecommerce Europe. There are 296 million e-shoppers in Europe, who spent EUR 1.540 online in 2015.

43% of the European population shop online, and 16% buy in another country. Moreover, 16% of SMEs sell online and just 7.5% make cross-border online sales.

The European B2C ecommerce is also expected to amass EUR 598 billion in 2017 and EUR 660 billion in 2018. The UK, France and Germany account for more than 60% of all online turnover. The UK size of the B2C ecommerce market is EUR 157.1 billion and the average spending per e-shopper is EUR 3.625.

However, the Germans e-shoppers have a greater market presence than their British counterparts (51.6 million vs. 43.4 million). In the top 10 of fastest-growing B2C ecommerce markets, Ukraine is at the top of the list (with a growth of 35% compared to 2014), followed by Turkey (34.9%) and Belgium (34.2%).

The three main challenges for merchants striving to expand their business cross-border remain legal fragmentation, taxation issues (VAT) and logistics/distribution. 

(Source: The Paypers)

Last modified: 15:41 - June 1st, 2016