European E-commerce Association Launches European Trust Mark

EMOTA, the European multi-trade and online trade association, has launched an European Trustmark. The basis of this certificate is a network of national trust marks. Therefore retailers first need to be in possession of the trust mark of the national e-commerce association in their country, which then will be linked to the EMOTA trust mark. Web shops need to fulfill ten essential criteria to be eligible for it. The European trust mark enhances the situation for European retailers and consumers alike. It enables consumers to safely buy goods from abroad and simplifies the expansion of online sales across borders for retailers.

The European trust mark is an essential step towards a harmonized European e-commerce market that also the European Commission is striving towards with the project for a single digital market. Consumers can recognize much easier now whether they can trust the quality of a retailer from another EU country and whether he is trustworthy or not. Trust plays a pivotal role in e-commerce and without strengthening this trust, cross-border e-commerce has no chance. Consumers need to know what they can expect from a foreign retailer. Already 5000 online shops are connected to the EMOTA trust mark. This development offers great potential for growth of European e-commerce.

Next to EMOTA also Ecommerce Europe has launched a pan-European web shop guarantee, which supports and stimulates the safety of cross-border e-commerce in Europe. The details of the Trust mark will be published in September. This development coincides with the research “Barriers of growth” that has been done recently by Ecommerce Europe.


Last modified: 13:28 - August 3rd, 2015